Richpeace Second Generation Magic Inkjet Plotter

Richpeace Second Generation Magic Inkjet Plotter

Richpeace Second Generation Magic Inkjet Plotter

Model: RPSP-NM-ID-1-1800-Ⅱ-WC2-FF-1P220

Product Introduction

1. With stable high-speed printing, HP (quality mode) / high-speed (efficiency mode) two printing modes can be adjusted, 2-cartridge with maximum printing speed at 110㎡/h, 4-cartridge with maximum printing speed at 200㎡/h, both quality and efficiency, to meet a variety of process requirements.

2. High-strength aviation grade aluminium profile + precision transmission components (BANDO high precision synchronous belt+NSK bearing), maximize the lifetime of equipment, ensure 7×24 hours continuous work, suitable for long-time and large-scale drawing.

3. Industrial grade PC transparent glass window, other than dust & force resistance, highly provided safety factor as well.

4. Servo motor control + Linear Scale Encoder, to ensure high stability and printing accuracy.

5. Bitmap function: Import general image files into Richpeace clothing CAD, then you can edit and print out the marker with bitmap, which is very suitable for the current popular customization design.

High Speed Magic Inkjet Plotter-2rd Generation

Product Parameters
Model RPSP-NM-ID-1-1800-Ⅱ-WC2-FF-1P220





Speed 110㎡/h(two cartridges) 200㎡/h(four cartridges)
Power Supply 220V

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