Primula AU 1140

Primula AU 1140

AU 1140

Automatic fusing air press with support table

Suitable for fusing jackets’ parts such as sides, lapels and trousers’ waist band area. Automatic top plate that opens and closes with two buttons.

There is an 0-220 °C electronic thermostat and a 0-60 sec timer, which signals the end of working time.


Technical Specifications

Working surface 110 x 40 cm (AU 1140) / 120 x 50 cm (AU 1250)
Heating power 3000 W (AU 1140) / 3600 W (AU1250)
Temperature 0-220 oC
Time 0-60 sec
Air consumption 50 L/min
Working pressure 6 bar
Power supply 230 V – 1 ph – 50 Hz


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