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PS-900 | Needle Bar Rotation 360° Pattern Seamer Sewing area 1,300mm(X) ×900mm(Y)


  • The needle-bar turning mechanism helps achieve high-quality seams uniformly in every sewing direction
  • Active tension for needle bar rotation 360°
  • Cloth trimmer specifications
  • Intelligent Medium-Presser Foot
  • The bobbin adopts a plastic bobbin
  • Operation panel


Product features

  • The needle-bar turning mechanism helps achieve high-quality seams uniformly in every sewing direction

    JUKI’s unique synchronization technology controls the needle bar, hook and feed mechanism, thereby creating the most favorable seams. In case of continuous circumference sewing, the sewing machine constantly detects the direction of sewing. As a result, consistent-quality seams are produced regardless of the direction of sewing.


  • Active tension for needle bar rotation 360°

    Market-prov active tension has been introduced to the needle thread tension controller.With the active tension, pinpoint changes in the needle thread tension during sewing are enabled. The needle thread tension, therefore, can be set in conjunction with the material thickness and can be corrected according to the direction of sewing on a stitch-by-stitch basis through the operation panel.

Basic performance

  • Cloth trimmer specifications

    A laser cutter is available for the cloth trimmer specification. This laser cutter is suitable for soft materials such as knit fabrics.

  • Patterns are identified by means of RFID/Barcode reader to enable automatic reading of sewing data

    Sewing patterns are automatically identified by means of RFID/Barcode reader to automatically call up the relevant sewing program, thereby starting sewing quickly.

  • The bobbin adopts a plastic bobbin

    Since the plastic bobbin is lighter than aluminum and iron, the thread tension is stable at a high level.
    ●Plastic bobbin (10 pieces)
    Parts No.40244784


  • Intelligent Medium-Presser Foot

    It is possible to change the intermediate presser height at its lower dead point steplessly during sewing. This feature is particularly effective when sewing multi-layered portions of material. Since the material is stably held by the intermediate presser, sewing troubles such as stitch skipping and thread breakage are prevented.

  • Operation panel

    The sewing pattern data format are supports DXF, AI, PLT, and DST. Sewing pattern data in these formats are widely used in many sewing plants. As a result, the operation panel is able to use the
    customers’ existing sewing pattern data immediately. As many as 999 sewing patterns can be saved on the large-capacity memory of the operation panel. (Editing software is included with the accessory.)


Model name PS-900SB13090CKZ
Sewing area 1,300 mm × 900 mm
Max. sewing speed 3,000 sti/min*
Lubrication Semi-dry
Feeding type Belt Drive
Stitch length 0.5 – 12.7 mm
Hook Full-rotary standard-capacity hook
Cutter equipment Laser
Lift / Stroke of
intermediate presser
Lifting amount: 20 mm / Stroke: Standard 4 mm
Variable lower position
of the intermediate presser
0 – 9 mm
Needle DB × 1 #8 (7#~14#)
Template recogniser RFID: 13090CKZ
Barcode: 13090CKW
RFID: 13090ZKZ
Barcode: 13090ZKW
Number of indentifiable patterns 999 patterns
Program input mode USB
Weight 649 kg 575 kg
Dimensions 2,100mm (W) × 2,325mm (L) × 1,240mm (H)

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