MEB-3900 Series Juki

MEB-3900 Series Juki

Series Computer-controlled, Eyelet Buttonholing Sewing System
(for jeans and cotton pants)

The machine is a newly developed highly-durable eyelet buttonholing Sewing System for jeans/cotton pants.

Product features

  • Machine time is substantially reduced

    The MEB-3900 reduces the machine time due to its maximum sewing speed of 2,500 sti/min and its speed-up cloth cutting knife, thereby demonstrating increased productivity.
    Then newly adopted direct-driven main shaft by means of a compact AC servomotor not only achieves enhanced responsiveness, but also achieves both reduced noise and reduced vibration. In addition, the machine has adopted an air-driven cloth cutting knife which promises excellent responsiveness and operates faster than the conventional knife.

  • Reliable overall thread-trimming and needle thread-trimming mechanism

    Two different thread trimmers are prepared.
    One of them can be selected according to the customer’s needs.
    The overall thread trimmer has been putting importance on productivity.
    It promises thread trimming without fail and trims the thread in a short time.
    The operator is no longer required to carry out fine adjustments of the thread trimmer when changing the sewing length.
    A sewing machine with a needle thread trimmer (Needle thread trimming type) has been the MEB Series in response to customer needs.

  • Direct-drive motor is adopted

    The machine has adopted a direct-drive method that connects a compact AC servomotor directly to the main shaft. The quick startup and increased stopping accuracy obtained as a results guarantees outstanding responsiveness. In addition, the direct-drive motor does not use a V-belt to reduce power consumption.

  • An active tension mechanism that electronically controls the needle thread tensions

    Needle thread tensions can be digitally established on the operation panel according to sewing conditions. Data can be registered on a pattern-by-pattern basis to easily reproduce the same sewing conditions.
    Using conventional machines, it’s often quite difficult to reproduce the same sewing conditions. This machine does it with ease. With this capability, the MEB-3900 responds immediately to material changes, significantly reducing the time required for setup changes or adjustments. The machine also ensures the consistent production of high-quality seams.

  • Needle thread tension can be separately established for various sections of a buttonhole such as eyelet sections and parallel sections

    The machine promises high-quality seams by smoothly responding to changes in stitch formation and allowing the operator to set a separate thread tension for the bartacking sections of buttonholes.
    Thread tensions for the beginning and end of sewing can also be separately established. This helps prevent loose stitches or slip-off or raveling of thread at the beginning of sewing.

  • Threading work can be more easily

    Since fewer parts need to be threaded, the machine can be threaded more quickly and easily than conventional buttonholing machines.

  • Management of sewing performance and sewing machine by the utilization of IoT (Internet of Things)

    Management, browsing and editing of data can be carried out on the application software

    Data on sewing machine adjustments made according to the product to be sewn can be transferred to a commercially-available Android tablet in contactless mode. This enables quick check for uniform settings as well as confirmation of conditions of sewing machines in a sewing line, thereby facilitating setup changes. The operation panel is also provided as standard with a USB port. Data management and software update can be carried out with ease using a USB thumb drive.
    Data items of sewing can be numerically managed to ensure “stable quality” and “reduction in time required for setup changes”.
    Quantified sewing data can be externally taken from the sewing machine using an Android tablet or USB thumb drive.
    *Android OS Version 6.0 is recommended to use JUKI Smart APP.
    (Operation is confirmed with respect to Versions 5.0 and later.)
    Contact JUKI distributor in your area for how to use the application software.

  • Various data can be obtained by using the Smart APP

    The data obtained by the APP are reflected in the graph.

  • Thanks to the computer control, many different eyelet shapes and straight buttonhole shapes can be selected or established on the operation panel

    The machine is provided as standard with 12 different stitching shape patterns. As many as 87 different patterns can be stored in memory and selected.

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