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Amann Embroidery Threads

Amann Embroidery Threads

Premium embroidery threads

AMANN offers a complete range of embroidery threads for industrial embroidery. This includes among others high-quality embroidery yarns for brilliant and fashionable embroidery, for matt embroidery, as well as for metallic embroidery.


Brilliant & fashionable

Classic embroidery enchants us with its creativity and colour, and sets fashion trends. As well as its brilliant appearance, classic embroidery also demands the best characteristics in use. Extreme colourfastness and wash resistance, good chemical and mechanical resistance and perfect embroidering performance are essential.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Isacord


Sometimes a matt effect is required, because not all embroidery needs to shine. Matt embroidery looks classy and creates natural rustic effects.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Saba and Rasant


Metallic embroidery and metallic details create special highlights. They look classy and emphasise a very particular style, and are essential for embroidered uniforms, nautical fashion or insignia.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Isamet

Filigree & monograms

Embroidered lettering for monograms, labels or strips of labels has to be worked delicately and finely. The smallest sizes of less than 4 millimeters are fashionable. They require an extremely fine embroidery thread which can also accurately produce the smallest symbol. The same applies to the details and contours of creative embroidery.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Serafil fine

Coarse decorative embroidery

Embroidery can also be used on heavy fabrics like leather or in the automotive sector. For these application it is important to use a coarse embroidery thread.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Serafil


Glow-in-the-dark threads make embroidery a real eye catcher. They go in and out of fashion, as a highlight for special applications.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Isa Texlight


Technical & functional

Technical embroidery offers high potential for innovation and is becoming more and more important. Challenging functional tasks can be solved through its high precision and absolute reproducibility, and it offers customised solutions such as those used for sewing fibre-reinforced composites.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Silver-tech


Flame-retardant and self-extinguishing: these qualities frequently feature in specifications for embroidery on workwear.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: N-techN-tech CS and A-tech CS

Bobbin thread

The bobbin thread is frequently overlooked, yet it is so important for all machine embroidery. Along with sufficient strength, a fine ticket is required in order to achieve highest running length and thus maximum economy.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Isa and Isabob


Embroidery on garment dyeing must be capable of being dyed together with the fabric. The classic solution is embroidery threads made of cotton. These display the same capacity for being dyed as cotton fabrics.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: MercifilGD

Chenille embroidery

With chenille, moss or chain stitch embroidery, you can create extraordinary designs with a three-dimensional look and a special, tactile feel.

Our embroidery thread recommendation: Sabatex Embroidery


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