Amann Steel-Tech Thread

Amann Steel-Tech Thread

The robust conductive hybrid thread based on stainless steel
Raw material:

  • Stainless steel/Polyester
Construction type:

  • hybrid thread
Product properties:

  • conductive thread based on stainless steel
  • excellent wash resistance, also for industrial washing
  • for heating applications and RFID antennas
  • the multifunctional smart yarn for knitting, weaving and embroidery

Main application:

  • Smart textiles

Other applications:

Ticket no. Embroidery thread Tex no. Make-up Number of colours Needle size (in Nm) Needle size (in No.)
100 35 95 1500 m KS 1 100-110 16-18
930 92 5000 m SP 1

Available colour no.: 1000 = raw, grey due to the stainless steel content.


  • Co
  • FS/KS
  • XW
  • SSP

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