AE-200AN Series | Edge Control Seamer

AE-200AN Series | Edge Control Seamer

AE-200AN Series | Edge Control Seamer


  • High-quality joining of materials
  • AE-200ANLD Pin tuck type
  • Productivity is substantially increased!
  • Air-blow table
  • Handy switch
  • Sub table
  • TBD system


  • High-quality joining of materials

    The sewing machine is applicable to the sewing of materials with different curves and different-in-kind materials.
    It is necessary for the joining of materials with beautiful textures added to carry out sewing of the materials and aligning their ends with notches simultaneously. The AE-200AN allows, through by its unique techniques, inexperienced operators to perform this difficult and skill-requiring process simply by placing the materials on the sewing machine. The sewing machine enables control of shirring and stretching of materials on a section-by-section basis by dividing the sewing length into ten different sections at the maximum. As a result, high-quality and consistent joining of materials is enabled even if the materials have complicated curves.
    The manipulator is a JUKI unique device which enables accurate joining of materials by active pressure* and rotation of the rollers.
    *“Active pressure” (AP) is a JUKI unique new function that controls the pressures of the upper and lower manipulators separately according to the material and sewing specifications. (The manipulator pressures can be controlled in 10 different sections in one pattern.)

  • AE-200ANLD Pin tuck type

    The sewing machine is able to produce beautiful and equally-spaced pin tucks by installing the pin tuck device (40088621).

  • Applications

    This sewing machine is applicable to many different processes such as sewing the center of back of men’s and ladies’ jackets and joining the sides of ladies’ skirts.

  • Simple operation of the operation panel
    Sewing data can be input and programmed with ease on the operation panel

    Large color LCD touch panel IP-420 is adopted.
    Increase in size of the LCD part facilitates selection of a stitch shape and setting of the number of stitches allowing the operator to carry out data setting operation in an intuitive manner. In addition, settings of the pressure and differential feed amount of the manipulator can be confirmed at a glance on the panel. As a result, reduction in the number of man-hours required for changing the pattern is achieved. Furthermore, external storage media such as the USB thumb drive and CompactFlash memory card can be connected to the touch panel to make data transfer between sewing machines easier.


  • Productivity is substantially increased!

    The operator is only required to place materials on the sewing machine. The sewing machine automatically and continuously sews the materials while aligning the materials’ ends until the sewing end is reached.This sewing machine allows even inexperienced operators to carry out difficult processes that require skills! The AE-200AN contributes to deskilling.



Model name AE-200ANLA AE-200ANLD
Application Join materials type (medium-weight) Pin tuck type
Machine head DLU-5498N-7 (exclusive machine head for AE-200AN)
Sewing speed 200~3,500sti/min*
Max. stitch length 4mm
Max. top-feed amount 8mm
Lift of the presser foot 10mm
Needle DB×1 (#11) #9~#18
Sewing condition (Seam allowance) 1~30mm
(Curve sewing) 100mmR or more
(Number of plies) Two or one
Compressed air 0.5MPa
Power requirement
Power consumption
Single, 3-phase 200~240V/220W
Total weight 135kg (when all options are installed)

*”sti/min” stands for “Stitches per Minute.”

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