HCH-701P-30 | Happy Japan

HCH-701P-30 | Happy Japan

Advanced model with added durability and productivity to HCH-701-30

Advanced model with added durability and productivity to HCH-701-30

HCH-P is the same appearance as HCH with an extra durability and productivity. HCH-P is capable at all levels from hobbies to commercial purposes, equipped with the superior driving system produces speedy embroidering, the cross type laser position marker ensures precise alignments and all features HCH has are also available to HCH-P. Its easy-to-use control panel, compact body, high speed performance and suppressed noise surely provide high-quality embroidery.


Number of Needle 7
Number of Head 1
Maximum Speed: Tubular 1,000rpm
Maximum Speed: Cap 850rpm
Maximum Embroidery Field (X-Y) 285 x 290mm
Stitch Length 0.1-12.7mm
Memory 40milion stitches / 999 designs
Power Supply Single Phase  100-120V  200-240V

General Features

Automatic Thread Trimer Yes
Automatic Thread Break Detection Yes
Built-in Bobbin Thread Winder Yes
LCD Touch Screen Control Panel Yes
Laser Position Marker Cross Type Marker
Direct PC Connection USB/LAN
PC Communication Software Yes
12 Fonts 6 Sizes Lettering Yes
Built-in 100 One-point Designs Yes
Embroidery Pattern Loading USB Pen Drive


Cap Frame
For embroidery work on caps

One Point Frame
For one point embroidery work on shirts, bags, pants’ or shirts’ pockets etc.

Shoe Clamp
For embroidery work on shoes

Sock Frame
For embroidery work on socks and other small products

Side Clamp
For embroidery work on heavy material like bags, leather etc.

Manual Clamp
For heavy or delicate material without leaving wrinkle or marks on materials

Front Table (Option: Long Table legs)
Supports for tubular frames

Tubular Preparation Table
Useful to set finished products like T-shirts for tubular frames

One Touch Frame
Setting and detaching the frame are easily in one step

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